The Blanket Makers

Luke's Mom
Deanna Ollig

I am Luke's mommy. I started making Luke's Blanket of Love in memory of my son Luke. When he died, the hospital gave us the blanket he was laying on. This blanket was just a plain basic generic blanket, not something that was personal touch of Luke. I thought maybe other babies, families might like a beautiful personal blanket that they could cherish forever. I decided on the name  "Luke's Blanket of Love". On the day that my son died, I wrapped him up in my Blanket of Love as I was handing him to God. I am married to Luke's dad Steve for 18 years, we have 3 other beautiful children. Matthew who is Luke's older brother, Lauren who is Luke's older sister and Alondra who is Luke's younger sister. 

Blanket Party Hostess
Kathy Herzog

Kathy has been a great supporter of our blankets. She has been gracious enough to host the party  every year. She has helped to find fabric, design, cut and serge every blanket. Every year she helps to make the blankets beautiful for families to have as a keepsake. If it wasn't for Kathy, I don't think we would have given out 500 blankets to date. Kathy has a wonderful husband named Joe, 2 beautiful children Ryan and Laura. 
Luke's Sister
Lauren Ollig

I am Luke's older sister. I was only in the 4th grade when we started Luke's Blanket of Love. Now I am at the University of North Dakota studying early-childhood/elementary education with a minor in Special Education and ASL, I picked this career because it was inspired by Luke and I wanted to do something in my life related to Luke and honor him in every single way possible. I think this is a great idea to start Luke's Blanket of Love in memory of my amazing little brother. I love working with my mom, her close friends, and also with my close friends. I think this what Luke would of wanted. I hope you enjoy your blanket, because I have enjoyed making it for you. I also hearing your blanket stories, my email is above my photo :)!

Luke's Godmother
Jennifer Gillard

Jennifer works with special needs children in the community by providing aids to all the children who want to play sports in our area. She helps as much as she can with everything. She is so inspiring and thoughtful.

Luke's Friend's
Laura Herzog

Laura is the daughter of Kathy. She helps out with the blankets since we started this charity. Laura is a close friend to Lauren, they went to the same private school when they were younger and has been a great support through the years.

Isabella Dotzler

Isabella went to school with Laura and Lauren k-8 grade. Isabella is the daughter of Vicki. She has also been a great support through the years and have been helping out with Lukes Blanket of love since the begining. 

Vicki Dotzler

A close family friend to our family for many years. Vicki has done alot to help out with Luke's Blanket of Love by surging many of the blankets. Vicki and her daughter Isabella have been a great help though out the years, being a supportive friend and also giving up their time to help out with the blankets.

Kay Adamski

Kay is one of Lauren's close friends. She went to school with the other girls from k-8. Kay has been a great support through the years and will continue to be. She has been helping out since the beginning and has been an amazing help.

 Whole Crew of 2010 blanket party: