About Luke's Blankets

This blanket was made in the memory of a beautiful little boy. His name is Luke Thomas and he is my precious son. Luke showed me more love, courage, compassion and spirit than I had ever seen before. He was my miracle child, who fought to stay with our family. My son Luke was born with Down syndrome, Mosaic Klinefelter Syndrome and two serious heart defects. He went through surgery but his little heart was not strong enough to continue on. As hard as Luke fought, we as his family fought right along his side. We only wanted to bring him home, so he could develop into a fine young man. Sadly on January 21, 05 his father and I wrapped him up in our blanket of love. We handed him over to God because for whatever reasons he wasn’t able to stay with us. So now, with the help of some wonderful women friends. I now find myself making Luke’s Blanket of Love for your child. If your child is unable to stay here on earth, I hope this blanket will be some comfort during your grief. This blanket is to wrap your little one up in your love. If your child is lucky enough to go home, use this blanket to cuddle him at home. As your child grows up, you can look back at your blanket and remember that miracles do happen.